We are also having an expertise of many years in the field of Headwear apparels. All kind of baseball caps in different fabrics, shapes and accessories are available and our factories in middle-east continue introducing new trends and designs. Besides this, we produce all kind of knitted products such as knitted hats, beannies, bobhats etc with embroidery or print.
Also polar fleece scarves and gloves are in our collection. Anti-pill or micro fibre fleece, we have a wide range of variety to fulfill your demands

Caps are one of the main components of merchandising. We have a wide range of caps at our disposal, such as heavy brushed cotton caps, cotton twill caps, light or heavy canvas caps and mesh caps. Depending on your target audience and design, we recommend what kind of cap suits your purpose best. Our manufacturers in the Middle East are continuing to provide us with the latest trends and designs. Caps are a popular product, because the minimum order quantity is 576 pcs only, which can be used for two different stijls, so 288 pcs per style only.

Beanies are also an important part of merchandising, during in the cold, dark months. We have a wide range of hats at our disposal, such as beanies, bobhats, flap-hats, knitted hats etc. Depending on your target audience and design, we recommend what kind of hat with logo application is best suited to your purpose.
Custom made beanies can be orderd from 300 pieces per style only. We produce beanies mainly in the Far East .

We also have polars fleece scarves, gloves and hats in our collection. Anti-pilling fleece or microfibre, it all depends on your needs.

We have been supplying knitted fan-scarves to many of the football clubs in Europe. We have the option to produce fan-scarves with a minimum of 300 pcs only.
Depending upon the quantities, we produce these fan-scarves here in Europe, Turkey or in Far-east.

We have a wide range of variation, so we can meet many requirements.
Ofcourse we are ready to advise you at any time.

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