Besides the above products, all kind of accessories, like “Back-to-School”, “Back-to-Sports” bag collections, stationery items, house-hold products such as duvet covers, as well as lanyards, pins and other accessories are provided by us depending upon your needs. We have a wide range of back to school program, having backpacks, pencil case, stationery sets- 5 pc or 7 pc besides school bags. For sports, we have a wide range of sport bags, back packs, shoe bags, wallets, swimming bags, duffle bags etc.

All kind of custom made bags are also produced by us with a minimum quantity which is quite low. We create special designs for all our clients and then produce these for them. Lanyards, pins and badges are “must-haves” in the field of sports merchandising, which gives a great exposure to sports clubs and other organizations.

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