Keychains are available in various materials, shapes and sizes.
They are often used as a promotional item or give away.

PVC keychains are made of soft PVC rubber, so they can be made in almost any shape and size and do not damage other objects. We can make your design in 2D or 3D, the colors are laying next to each other or we can emboss the logo, for a surprisingly beautiful effect. Depending on the design, we also have full 3D possibilities. The the design is formed round and curved. We have several attachments/keyrings available.

Metal keychains can be made from various materials and processes. For each design we consider what material and manufacturing process offers the best solution. There are plenty of options and there are several attachments/keyrings available .

Embroidered keychains are made of a polyester twill on which your logo or text will be embroidered. There are many different yarn colours available, so brilliant color combinations can be made.

EVA keychains float on the water. Therefore they are widely used in water sports. EVA material is available in various colors and can be printed with your logo or text. Almost all shapes and sizes are possible. We have several attachments/keyrings available.

PU Foam keychains are being made of anti-stress material. This material is soft, so you can squeeze it. This material is perfect for full 3D designs in custom shapes and logo’s can be branded with your logo.

Trolley coins are widely used as a give-away. These metal coins can be branded on both sides and are available in 3 sizes: “50 eurocent size”, “1 euro coin size” and as a combination of 50 eurocents coin + 1 euro coin. These coins can be embossed with your logo, then the logo will be filled with colourfull ink. Trolleycoins can also be printed, even full color designs are welcome. The coins will be finished with a scratch resistant coating. The coins come with a key ring and carabiner hook.

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