Sports Merchandise

Over the past few years, sports merchandising has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the overall licensing business globally. 
PHI is one of the specialist in the field of sports merchandising starting from design, product development and manufacturing.  Over the last so many years, we have achieved to win many prestigious clients e.g. Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord Rotterdam and many other football clubs in Europe.  Also Denish Liga, Bundesliga and French Liga are one of our valuable clients.  Besides football, we also make merchandising for Ice Hockey, DTM and tennis.

We have gathered the best minds from the field in the form of  experienced Managers who will accompany your orders with their expertise, be it design, innovation and creativity.  Our own factories in India and our office in far-east will give their best product with design and quality.

Customized Balls

PHI is one of the specialized football producers in Europe. We produce quality handmade balls in Pakistan and India, but also promotional balls which are machine gestitched in China. Depending on your needs, your football will be produced in one of our factories in...


Customized Headwear

We are also having an expertise of many years in the field of Headwear apparels. All kind of baseball caps in different fabrics, shapes and accessories are available and our factories in middle-east continue introducing new trends and designs. Besides this, we produce all...


Customized Flags

Supporters flags are also one of the products that is an integral part of merchandising. We make polyester flags in different sizes with different packaging. The flags are available in size 70x100cm, 80x120cm, 100x150cm (most popular) and 150x220cm. All designs are suitable because the...


Customized Fanwear

Having our own Textile factories in India, we are very flexible in producing fanwear. Therefore fanwear apparel is also an important part of the merchandising which we offer. We produce all kind of T-shirts in cotton, poly/cotton, dry-fit polyester, as well as Polo shirts,...


Customized accessories

Besides the above products, all kind of accessories, like “Back-to-School”, “Back-to-Sports” bag collections, stationery items, house-hold products such as duvet covers, as well as lanyards, pins and other accessories are provided by us depending upon your needs. We have a wide range of back...