Promotional Products

At PHI, we offer a fantastic and varied range of imprinted promotional products & personalized corporate gifts. All of our promo products can be imprinted with your company´s logo to make them into highly effective advertising merchandise, perfect for use in promotion. Loyalty to the client is our first approach.

Corporate promotional products are a proven and highly effective way of marketing your company or service. At PHI you will find a team of highly educated professionals dedicated to your growing business. With over 15 years of combined industry experience and dedicated team of professionals, our experience is unmatched. Our top priority is to find the right product to meet your marketing objectives, appeal to your target audience and fit your budget. Don’t get stress! Just relax and let us do our job, we will find the solution for you as we did for many of our clients all over the world! We exist to enable our members to be more successful and be seen as exemplars of best practice, centers of excellence to customers and partners within the promotional merchandise industry.

Customized Emblems

Embroidered emblems are often used to assemble on garments. Depending on the design, we will advise embroidery on a polyester twill or a 100% embroidery patch. By using different thread colors, we can develop very beautiful embroidery emblems. All our embroidery emblems are nicely...


Customized Keychains

Keychains are available in various materials, shapes and sizes. They are often used as a promotional item or give away. PVC keychains are made of soft PVC rubber, so they can be made in almost any shape and size and do not damage other...


Customized Lanyards

Lanyards, also known as keycords, are frequently used during events to attach badge holders to it, but lanyards are also very popular as promotional item or giveaway. Our lanyards can be branded all-over, there is more than enough space to convey your message. There...


Customized pins

Pins are often used to give expression to the company you work for. In addition, pins are widely used during celebrations, like anniversaries. There are various techniques available, such as full color offset printing pins, photo etched pins, die casting pins, soft or hard...


Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are used for promotional purposes as a marketing and communication tool in the business world.  It reflects your company brand and image. If used properly, they provide the company with a valuable means of strengthening relationships with its key customers and employees,...