PHI Events

PHI EVENTS, the event marketing company and event producer, delivers a refined project management process that smoothly integrates the complex creative, production, and technical elements of corporate event marketing programs. From the event planning, marketing, creative, design, through production and implementation, we provide total project accountability to our clients. PHI is proud to be an event marketing producer, event marketing company, and event management company for many prestigious clientele.

Eurovision has been one of the prestigious European Event which we are involved with for years. We have a proven track of success in all the fields namely Branding Merchandising Sponsoring, Image rights etc. Events like Eurovision is organized by the local Broadcaster and the challenge is to understand the local European culture, be it in Turkey or a typical Scandinavian culture of Helsinki in Finland. PHI has been working with the LOCs all over Europe and has brought many such events to mass having a tv rating millions of viewers all over Europe. Also PHI has been working with European football leagues very closely in the field of Event Organization, hospitality and many other departments besides youth and kids tournaments.

Considering the growth of Soccer in the whole world, PHI has taken one step ahead and have planned to work in co-operation with many Leagues and clubs in middle-east and Asian clubs to increase the football awareness in this region.

Soccer is an integral part of our local cultures across the world. It brings smiles to children’s faces even in the worst of circumstances. It is a symbol of instant friendships and access into a local community.

PHI being an Event Marketing organization will take care of concept development, TV media, sales sponsoring and Event management. We provide a dedicated service to the client from beginning to the end. We are continuously engaged in developing concepts with a team of experts.

To achieve our goals, we continue improving our innovative ideas, share our program and concept effectively and utilize the popularity of soccer to increase our impact. We keep on effectively share our curriculum and concept with local implementing partners, allowing us to achieve scale in a sustainable way while making use of local capacity and infrastructure.

PHI is willing to create and increase the Football awareness by means of two basic concepts:

Tournaments among the European teams

Tournaments shall consist of 4 teams having 3 matches and a final. Also a local team can be involved to boost the local support depending upon the approval of local authorities. Local sponsoring/local TV and local supporters will be involved besides the international channels.


School Academies, Camps & Clinics

PHI Gobal has launched a valuable long-term project in collaboration with renowned football clubs in various parts of the United Arab Emirates and Asia. The aim is to offer the local students a professional football clinic, taught by renowned football clubs. In this way...